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Our Philosophy

Your Dog Needs More Than Love and Attention

At Ruff House Adventures we care about your dog. We believe a dog facility should be clean, safe and well monitored. 


At our facility, we:


  • Have staff that are experienced and well trained

  • Sanitize the building daily

  • Wash dog bowls and Kongs daily

  • Have a large play area that allows dogs to run

  • Have private rest area for dogs to be alone

  • Provide orthopedic beds

  • Have no community water bowls or toys

  • Have two attendees monitoring each playgroup

  • Provide rest time between playgroups


Ruff House Adventures is  run by dog trainers with an experienced and trained staff. We believe that dogs need breaks from each other which is why we have private spaces for rest time. 


Your dogs will be housed in 5’x5 ’ private spaces with Kuranda beds which are orthopedic, chew proof, and elevated. Each dog has its own water bowl inside its private space. We don’t have communal water bowls, which can spread illness and encourage guarding behavior.  We don't use dog toys, which can also encourage guarding behavior.


 At Ruff House Adventures, for a full day of daycare, each dog gets  up to 4 one hour play sessions.  Our eyes can constantly be on every dog, so they’re well monitored. 


We use a Rattle Paddle, along with a squirt bottle, to interrupt any rude behaviors during play.  All staff are trained in dog body language and what to do if there is a dog fight, but, we are looking for signs before that can happen.

 We often put pictures and videos of dogs on Facebook to provide updates. 

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