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Ruff House Adventures Services -  Danville Location

Putting Your Pets First



Ruff House Adventures is  designed by dog trainers whose only goal is to ensure you have a well trained and reliable pet. A doggy daycare location run by dog trainers will:

  • Ensure there are enough staff to watch each dog when playing

  • Interrupt rough dog play

  • Have group play time and private alone time for the dogs to rest

  • Ensure each dog takes breaks from play to rest

  • Give each dog  it’s own water bowl and elevated bed that is not shared with other dogs

  • Offer private or group behavioral training sessions

  • Not reinforce behavior you don’t want


Ruff House Adventures is a place where your dog  can let off some of that pent up energy that has them chewing your new shoes and have fun.


Ruff House Adventures is new, safe and monitored, with daily enrichment add on options. Your dog will have structured play periods with other dogs followed by rest periods. 


They’ll rest in their own private space with no sharing of their water, peanut butter Kong or  their bed. 


Your dog will not learn any new bad habits while under our supervision.


All dogs must have an evaluation first. Then, they are only added to group play with other dogs when the new dog is calm. 


Is your dog especially shy? We also offer a slow introductory week for especially  timid, shy or scared dogs. Your timid dog can get acclimated to the day camp before they are introduced to play time with other dogs. 


  • Private Play for dogs who don't do well in playgroups

  • 10-day Package

  • 20-day Package

  • Add-ons:

    • Kongs​

    • Interactive Toy

    • Report Card/Deluxe Report Card

    • Feeding

    • Hang Out with the Manager

    • Walk Outside


Day School

Does your dog need a refresher course or need to learn how to do some new things, but you don’t want to board it overnight or have the time for private lessons? Send your dog to Day School for professional dog training. They’ll get private or group lessons with a caring and empathetic professionally licensed dog trainer.


Does your dog get enough exercise or mental stimulation? Dogs can get bored.  Dogs need to think and problem solve. 


Is this your dog?

  •  is afraid of everything

  •  barking at everything

  •  jumping fences or trying to get out

  • leash pulling

  • jumping on people

  • playing too rough

  • taking treats too hard

  • biting hands

  • getting into the trash, or litter box

  • hyper or too high energy

  • stealing things off the counter

  • other destructive behaviors


At Ruff House Adventures we can teach your dog manners, how to walk on and off leash, how to greet you and others at the door - how to be a reliable dog.


Are you ready for your dog to learn manners so you can stop being embarrassed by a misbehaving dog who doesn’t listen to you? 


Additional Training Options

Private Lessons

  • Allows the dog to learn exactly what it needs to learn to be well behaved.

  • One 30 or 60 minute lesson per week for 4 weeks.

  • Must have a treat pouch and slip collar. 

In-home Lessons

  • The dog owner doesn’t need to leave the house; it’s private and can teach dogs in their own environment.

  • We can involve the entire family in training and there is less contact with other dogs and other people.

  • One 30 minute lesson per week for 6 weeks.  

  • Must have a treat pouch and slip collar.

  • Must be within 30 minutes of the facility.


Grooming Services

We offer full service grooming options now! 

Bath (Shampoo, Conditioner, Blow-dry, Cologne)

  • Up to 25lbs - $25

  • 26-50lbs - $30

  • 51-80lbs - $35

  • Over 80lbs - $45


De-Shedding Bath

  • Up to 25lbs - $45

  • 26-50lbs - $50

  • 51-80lbs - $55

  • Over 80lbs - $60


Additional Services

  • Blueberry Facial - $10

  • Breath Refresh - $10

  • Brush Out - $10

  • Teeth Brushing - $10

  • De-matting - $5 (5 minute maximum)

  • Basic Nail Trim - $12

  • Deluxe Nail Trim (Nail Grinding with Dremel) - $20

  • Super Deluxe Nail Trim - $45

  • Nail Polish - $8

  • Paw Balm - $10

  • Ear Cleaning - $15

  • Flea/Tick Treatment - $15

  • Gland Expression - $15


To learn more about our variety of services, simply reach out.


Hendricks County Animal Shelter

We are proud to partner with the Hendricks County Animal Shelter and encourage adopting a shelter dog! We provide a 10% discount on training for dogs adopted from HCAS. 


The Hendricks County Friends of the Shelter is a non-profit organization that provides much needed care and services for the animals. 

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