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Ruff House Adventures Services - Coatesville Location

Putting Your Pets First



Dogs are monitored by cameras 24-hours a day, every day.  Our kennel staff work 13 hours a day and our property manager lives on site.  Each door opens up to a fenced in area, just in case a dog attempts to escape.  Boarding dogs are given four potty breaks and three play sessions a day. You can add more onto their stay, like a daily peanut butter KONG treat, extra play time or an interactive toy! 

We also offer a daily rate!


Board and Train Programs

Board and Train programs range from 2-6 weeks long; your dog stays at our training facility throughout the entire program. 

All programs include:

  • Exclusive Facebook Page

  • Lifetime Phone Support

  • Instructional and Go-Home Videos

  • Go Home Lesson at Pick Up

You will receive all training equipment needed. Many programs include follow up lessons and group classes. 


  • Complete a consultation

  • Dog must be 12 weeks old

  • Supplements, preventatives, medications and food are the owner's responsibility and must be dropped off when your pet is brought to training.

Two French Bulldogs

Additional Training Options

Private Lessons

  • Allows the dog to learn exactly what it needs to learn to be well behaved.

  • One 30 or 60 minute lesson per week for 4 weeks.

  • Must have a treat pouch and slip collar. 

In-home Lessons

  • The dog owner doesn’t need to leave the house; it’s private and can teach dogs in their own environment.

  • We can involve the entire family in training and there is less contact with other dogs and other people.

  • One 30 minute lesson per week for 6 weeks.  

  • Must have a treat pouch and slip collar.

  • Must be within 30 minutes of the facility.

Rescue Puppy

Group Classes and Continued Education

Continued Education

Why continued education training can be needed:​

  • Your dog needs to brush up on basic commands

  • You want to board your dog while you're away on vacation and want to take advantage of continued education training

Group Classes

  • Information coming soon on Group Classes, Puppy Socialization Classes and Pack Walks

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